targetbow is the working name of street photographer Steven Robinson.

As a teenager in the early Eighties, Steven borrowed a 35mm Praktica camera and began photographing on the streets of Sheffield, taking a particular interest in the people and places outside the mainstream, and getting to know many of the city's rough sleepers, working girls and drug users.

Professional employment followed when he joined the Photographic Unit for Sheffield City Council, working as full time assistant to the Chief Photographer both in studio and on site.  The variety of this work provided a practical foundation in all aspects of commercial photography.  He was also responsible for the unit's black and white developing and hand printing, experience which was to set the tone for his distinctive digital processing style.

In 1986 he went freelance as a writer and photographer, quickly establishing himself as a regular columnist with a variety of sports related publications, and going on to produce over 2,000 magazine articles in the UK and US.

After 15 years as a freelance journalist he took a decade away from photography during which, amongst other things, he wrote and published a crime fiction novel under the pseudonym Joe Luce. Then, while making regular trips to London, his passion for street photography resurfaced.  The result was a new photographic portfolio covering all aspects of life on the city streets.

A year on and his typically gritty, high-contrast work has continued to evolve into a distinctive signature style.  His subject matter ranges from the deeply personal and compassionate to the humorous and intriguing, often capturing those unique and fleeting moments that happen all around us but are seldom recorded.

targetbow's images have been exhibited both nationally and internationally.